Pro Athlete, Social Entrepreneur, Health & Personal Growth Consultant.

I have found that there are mental patterns that destroy our motivation, stop us from performing and being who we really are. They affect equally sports, business, and personal life. My job is to turn potential into action, dreamers into achievers.

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I share my experience and research how to recognize and decode mental patterns that undermine our motivation in whatever we do. Ceck it out!


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Together with Obsesh I offer my personalized consulting services on topics only one click away from here: Motivation Psychology, Mind-Body Connection, Releasing muscle pain with Trigger Points, Stretching & Mindfulness, Amateur & Pro-Sport Advices, Functional Movement Systems.

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I have been studying motivation as an academic researcher for over six years. In this course you will learn fundamental knowledge about what are the causes for (de)motivation, its relationship to meaning in life, and actual daily program that can help you find your intrinsic motivation and meaning.


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Support Excellence Academy young leaders

Together with International Olympic Committee and other partners I have founded Excellence Academy with a mission to educate young leaders through sport, formal & non-formal education, and culture programs. It is a social enterprise and you can take active role in it through engagement, spreading the word, donating, and volunteering.

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Special Edition Newsletter THE ONE

Read and download special edition of Excellence Academy Newsletter prepared for the tenth anniversary of The One Club and the fifth anniversary of Excellence Academy. The newsletter summarizes our achievements over the years and presents educational content how sports, education, and culture can be used as vehicles for positive social change.


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Your gift ensures free leadership Excellence Academy education for youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.