It was great revealing for me when I realized at one point that I got consumed by the "game" . By being consumed by the game I started to loose joy and above all experience of true self. I have started to study questions I had about that process and I am happy that I have continued to do it. - Edin Branković

Edin Branković is a professional athlete, representing Bosnia and Herzegovina, who competes on a highest level competitions for over ten years. At the same time he is interested in the field of motivation and personal growth, which he studies on an academic level and he published several studies.Throughout sports and academic career he has founded Excellence Academy that applies his findings in practice. He enjoys using technology in a way to make ideas real.

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Timeline of events

2010 - 2014

In 2010 Edin was the first person from the South-Eastern region who ranked in top 10 on 1500m in Short Track Speed Skating in junior category on World Junior Championship in Taipei and he was awarded with the International Skating Union scholarship. In the upcoming years he ranked top 15 on world cups and European Championship, and won gold medal on Balkan Games. He was named by NF, NOC and IOC for the role of Young Ambassador.


As professional athlete Edin kept setting the standards for Short Track Speed Skating in the region with repeated rankings among top 20 athletes on 1500m on world cups and European Championships. He founded Excellence Academy in 2016, which was selected as one of the best projects in the IOC selection in the field "Sports and Social Development". He published few academic studies in the field of educational psychology related to motivation as a ways to find answers on the questions he looked himself for. 


After devoted trainings and strong Olympic qualifying event Edin ranked on the stand-by list and he was invited directly from IOC President to be the special guest of Olympic Games 2018. In 2018, Excellence Academy was selected as one best projects again in the IOC selection and Edin presented Academy on the IOC events in Buenos Aires and Tokyo. In 2020, he published comprehensive study related to mental health, well-being and their relationship to success, which integrated psychology, philosophy and certain findings from neuroscience. The same year he wrote Facebook blog during COVID-19, which had a reach for over 12.000 in four months period.


In 2021, Edin skated his fifth semi final on European Championships and the same year he co-authored and published comprehensive scientific study in the filed of educational psychology and methodology of scientific work. Also, he has begun to put the years of studies and wide experience in format of lectures, courses, and blog posts. Beside active trainings, research, he teaches and consults in the fields of performance psychology and personal growth, health and well being. He enjoys applying these findings in content and digital marketing and putting them in the format of IT world. 

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Achievements in three fields over the years

Sports Achievements

• Oympic Games Invitee 2018 (PyeongChang)
• Top 10 1500m World Junior Championship 2010 (Taipei)
• World Cup 1500m Finalist 2011 (Dresden)
• 5 times 1500m European Champion Semifinalist
• 5 times 1500m World Cup Semifinalist
• Gold Medal Overall Balkan Games 2014 (Celje)
• Bronze Medal 1500m Balkan Games 2013 (Izmit)

National records:

1.500m: 2:15.304
3.000m: 5:06.085

Academic & Professional Achievements

• Post Graduate Academy BEGOC 2015 (Baku)
• M.S Faculty of Sport and Physical Education (University in Sarajevo)
• Bch Faculty of Sport and Physical Education (University in Sarajevo)
• Young Ambassador IOC 2012, 2014
• Young Leader IOC Alumni 2018
• BH Telecom Award for the Best Business Partner in 2011.

Scientific Publications

Branković, E. (2022). Living an Olympic Dream: Between Philosophy and Neuroscience. In Škerbić. Matija M. (Ed.),3rd International Conference Ethics, Bioethics and Sport (pp. 24), Zagreb: Croatian Philosophical Society. 

Branković, E. and Badrić, M. (2021). The Preliminary Validation of Holistic Experience of Motivation Scale (HEMS): An Empirico - Philosophical Approach. Croatian Journal of Education. 23 (1), 11-30.

Branković, E. (2020). Sports, Mental Health, and the Dilemmas of Fame and Success: In a Search of a Holistic Paradigm. Pannoniana, 4(1), 9-33.

Branković, E. and Badrić, M. (2020b). Experiences of Intrinsic Motivation: A Qualitative Study on Adolescent Experiences. In A. Peko, M. Ivanuš Grmek, & J. Delcheva Dizarevikj (Eds.), Didactic Challenges III – Didactic Retrospective and Perspective WHERE/HOW DO WE GO FROM HERE?, Conference Proceedings (pp. 310-319). Osijek: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Education.

Branković, E., Hadzikadunić, M., and Mijanović, M. (2017). Intrinsic Motivation and Autotelic Activity in Students. Kinesiologia Slovenica, 23 (1), 14-24.

Branković, E. and Hadzikadunić, M. (2017). Physical Education Experimental Program to Test the Effect on Perceived Competence. Sport Mont 15 (2), 25–30.


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