Dear Short Track Friend,

It is my great honor to share with you that I have been nominated for ISU Athletes Commission (AC) role. The Election will be held at ISU World Championships (April 2022). My aim is to be the voice of athletes, share the knowledge and skills I gained as an athlete, IOC Ambassador and Young Leader for over 8 years of service worldwide.

Only with your support and votes, we can create a better environment in our sport for current elite athletes and for upcoming generations.

Please, have a look at my background and the tasks that we shall accomplish together. Also, the site will be updated with all my activities prior to the election.

Yours sincerely,
EDIN BRANKOVIC (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
ISU AC Election Candidate 2022

My background in sports and service to the sports community worldwide

Over the past years 10 years of my sports career, I have had over 10 semi-finals on the World Cups and European Championships and I was invited as the special guest of IOC President on PyeongChang 2018 when I ranked on the stand-by list on 1500m.

As IOC Young Leader I have founded a financially sustainable sports and educational platform in 2016 - Excellence Academy.

As a scientific researcher, several of my studies have been published worldwide in the field of motivation and mental well-being.

My aim is to share these experiences and resources with you, and with your support and opinions to make our sports career healthier and more sustainable. 


Tasks for ISU Athletes Commission members

I hereby share with you tasks and duties that I will work on together with ISU AC members if supported with your votes. However, all initiatives will be public and require athletes' opinions and ISU AC's, and my duty is to hear these opinions and to act accordingly.

a) Learn about the Skaters’ opinions and ideas
It includes rules and regulations, events, calendar, promotion and marketing of the sport, health and welfare, anti-doping, career preparation, education and life skills. To inform and update Skaters on different activities and developments and raise awareness and educate them on topics of direct concern.

b) Represent the rights and interests of Skaters and make related recommendations.
For example the appointment of arbitrators by the International Council of Arbitration for Sport (ICAS).

c) Support the ISU in its mission to develop and promote the sport.
Consider issues related to Skaters and provide advice to the ISU Council, Technical Committees, Sports Technical Directors, Director General and other internal bodies as appropriate.

d)  Clean athletes 
Engage actively with initiatives and projects that protect and support clean athletes on and off the field of play.

e)  Be a role model
Serve as ambassadors to increase popularity of Skating and inspire youth.

f)  Support foundation od NAC
Encourage and assist National Federations and athletes to establish their own National Athletes’

g)  Maintain contact with the Athletes’ Commission of the IOC.


(Excerpt from ISU Communication Communication No. 2427)


Here you can find News, Information, and Activities wall prior to the election on the ISU World Championships (April 2022).


ACTIVITY/NEWS: 30-03-2022 Survey Results Completed by Short Track Athletes Delivered

Survey Results

The survey was completed by 66 athletes from 25 countries and it is the first of its kind done with Short Track athletes. The results will be also used to present academically the needs of professional athletes.

"I am grateful that we have managed to this step as a community. It can be used as a solid foundation for further growth of our sport and sports in general." - Edin Brankovic (ISU AC Candidate 2022)


ACTIVITY/NEWS: 03-04-2022 International Conference About Sports and Bioethics 

"Living an Olympic Dream: Between Philosophy and Neuroscience "

Edin Branković was an invited speaker at the  3rd International Conference "Ethics, Bioethics, and Sport" that was held in two cities of Croatia, Zagreb and Varaždin (Apr, 1st - 2nd 2022). The Conference lecturers came from twelve countries. The prominent researchers and authors in the field of the philosophy of sports Robert Scott Kretchmar (USA) and Jim Parry (GBR) were also lecturers at the Conference. 

About the Study

"I am grateful that I was able to present athletes' perspectives about "living an Olympic dream" to the academic world which often consults world organizations and national federations. I presented personal experiences, experiences of athletes, philosophies that tell about sports experience, and sound neuroscience data related to sports, exercise, and spiritual practices." - Edin Brankovic (ISU AC Candidate 2022)


ACTIVITY/NEWS: 30-03-2022 ST Athletes' Needs Survey Preliminary Results

Extensive Survey - The 1st of the Kind in Short Track Community

For all athletes who are willing to join the survey, please DM on Instagram @edinbrankovic

"I am much grateful to all fellow athletes who dedicated some of their time to join this short survey. The survey is short but the insight is great." - Edin Brankovic (ISU AC Candidate 2022)


ACTIVITY: 16-03-2022 ST Athletes' Needs Survey Released

Reasons for Creating the "ST Athletes' Needs Survey"

"As an ISU candidate for the Athletes' Commission, my role is to represent and stand for the needs and rights of Short Track Athletes Community. Also, if selected by the skaters as an ISU AC member for Short Track in April 2022 on WCH in Montreal, my responsibility will be to work with other ISU bodies to define better and satisfy these needs. Now, my duty is to present to our short-track athletes' community the way how we shall work together if they decide to entrust me as an ISU AC Short Track member on the elections in Montreal in April 2022." - Edin Brankovic (ISU AC Candidate 2022)

How to access the Survey?

If you haven't yet received the Survey please DM on your Instagram profile by clicking the following link @edinbrankovic

NEWS: 22-02-2021 Vision after the ISU AC elections

  • After the election, in coordination with ISU TC to ask athletes which course(s) they would like to hear from the current Edin`s experience, which he can share.
    a) Mental-health and well-being strategies and tools to cope with: stress; expectations; "sports identity"; depression; injury setbacks; career planning.
    b) A financially sustainable career: marketing and positioning; setting up priorities; sustainability of career.
  •  c) Making an event with selected speakers to hear more views about the certain topic

  •          NOTE: All mentioned course/event themes are based on the previous experience and scientific studies of Edin and the accompanying team.

After the election, in coordination with ISU TC to ask about athletes' hot issues and needs we should work on improving athletes' status and well-being in the sport.
Make updates available at smart phone touch away. 

INFORMATION: 20-02-2022 OLYMPICS 2022 Short Track Event Finished

Congratulations to the medalists and all participants.

AUS: COREY Brendan, BEL: DESMET Hanne (B), DESMET Stijn, CAN: BLAIS Danae, BOUTIN Kim (B), BRUNELLE Florence, CHARLES Alyson, SARAULT Courtney, DION Pascal (G), DUBOIS Steven (G S B), HAMELIN Charles (G), LAOUN Maxime (G), PIERRE-GILLES Jordan (G), CHN: FAN Kexin (G), HAN Yutong, QU Chunyu (G), ZHANG Chutong, ZHANG Yuting, LI Wenlong, REN Ziwei (G G), SUN Long (S), WU Dajing (G), ZHANG Tianyi, CRO: ASCIC Valentina, CZE: HRUZOVA Michaela, FRA: DAUDET Gwendoline, HUOT MARCHAND Tifany, FERCOQ Quentin , LEPAPE Sebastien, GBR: THOMSON Kathryn, TREACY Farrell, TREACY Niall, GER: SEIDEL Anna, HKG: CHU Sidney K, HUN: JASZAPATI Petra (B), KONYA Zsofia (B), KRUEGER John-Henry (B), LIU Shaoang (G B B), LIU Shaolin Sandor (B), NOGRADI Bence, VARNYU Alex, ISR: BYKANOV Vladislav, ITA: FONTANA Arianna (G S S), MASCITTO Cynthia, SIGHEL Arianna, VALCEPINA Arianna (S), VALCEPINA Martina (S), CASSINELLI Andrea (S B), CONFORTOLA Yuri (S B), DOTTI Tommaso (B), SIGHEL Pietro (S B), SPECHENHAUSER Luca, JPN: KAMINAGA Shione, KIKUCHI Sumire, KIKUCHI Yuki, KIKUCHI Kota, KOIKE Katsunori, MIYATA Shogo, YOSHINAGA Kazuki, KAZ: KHAN Yana, TIKHONOVA Olga, AZHGALIYEV Abzal, GALIAKHMETOV Adil, NIKISHA Denis, KOR: CHOI Minjeong (G S S), KIM A Lang (S), LEE Yubin (S), PARK Jiyun (S), SEO Whimin, HWANG Daeheon (G S), KIM Dongwook (S), KWAK Yoongy (S), LEE Juneseo (S), PARK Janghyuk (S), LAT: BERZINS Reinis, KRUZBERGS Roberts, NED: de VRIES Rianne, POUTSMA Selma (G), SCHULTING Suzanne (G G S B), van KERKHOF Yara (G), VELZEBOER Xandra (G), de LAAT Itzhak, HOOGERWERF Dylan, KNEGT Sjinkie, ROES Sven, van 'T WOUT Jens, POL: MALISZEWSKA Natalia, MALISZEWSKA Patrycja, MAZUR Nikola, STORMOWSKA Kamila, KUCZYNSKI Lukasz, NIEWINSKI Michal, RUS: EFREMENKOVA Ekaterina, PROSVIRNOVA Sofia, RASSKAZOVA Vera, SEREGINA Elena, VOSTRIKOVA Anna, AIRAPETIAN Denis, EIBOG Daniil, ELISTRATOV Semen (B), IVLIEV Konstantin (S),
SITNIKOV Pavel, AKAR Furkan, UKR: DUBROVA Uliana, HANDEI Oleh, USA: BINEY Maame, LEE Eunice, LETAI Julie, SANTOS Kristen, STODDARD Corinne, HEO Andrew, PIVIROTTO Ryan

Legend: G - Gold medal; S - Silver medal; B - Bronze medal




INFORMATION: 14-02-2022 Web Platform for ISU AC Candidate Edin Brankovic Created

The Purpose of the Platform

The Platform enables Short Track athletes to have insight into the vision, plan, duties, tasks, and activities that Edin Brankovic as an ISU AC Candidate undertakes in order to create an active service for the Short Track community. 


INFORMATION: 14-01-2022 ISU Announced Candidates for Athletes Commission

Athlete Commission Election

ISU announced that the election for Short Track ISU Athletes Commission member will be done at the World Championship in Montreal.
"The nomination is already a reward for me. I am grateful that ISU has recognized my sports and community endeavors over the years. Until the election in April in Montreal, I want to share with skating peers a vision of how to make our sport careers more sustainable and healthy in all domains of sports lives." - Edin Brankovic (ISU AC Candidate 2022)

Who can vote? When and How the election is held?

Only accredited athletes for World Championship (Montreal, Canada) 2022 can vote. The election will be held during the official days of the competition. ISU Technical Committee will inform all athletes in the official hotel about the location and time.

Remain in Touch

For any further information about ISU AC elections feel free to text me DM on Instagram or Facebook.